Midwest Cargo recognizes the need for automated customer communication.  Our customers need to know where the load is and when it arrives.  Our investments in technology provide activity driven customer notifications to be sent immediately providing our customers with the most up to date information.

Midwest Cargo – Connect

Our customers can log into our system portal directly through our website.

ELD Compliant

All our vehicles are equipped with ELD devices…………


We have installed state of the art camera technology in our vehicles featuring Artificial Intelligence.  These cameras provide an additional layer of safety as our drivers comply with our safety standards.  They also provide us notifications when a vehicle either exceeds the posted speed limits or even rolls through a stop sign.

GPS – Real-time tracking

Our real-time GPS tracking gives us visibility every piece of our equipment in a moment’s notice.  We also provide our dedicated accounts access to view their fleet of equipment. Customers have the ability to log in and track their shipments whenever they desire.

Open API Integration

Our state-of-the-art software allows customers to electronically integrate with Midwest Cargo.  Reducing the need for phone calls and duplicate data entry.

Electronic TMS

Tracking customers and loads manually are a thing of the past.  For the last ten years we’ve utilized and electronic TMS system to better manage the entire operation.  From dispatch to billing and everything in between is right at our finger tips giving our customers an even better experience.

EDI Capabilities

Customers can submit freight moves to Midwest Cargo electronically. Reducing key entry work on both ends ensures faster and more accurate communication.

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